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Allotments and Chronic Pain

It’s coming up to a year since we took on an allotment. Back then, we thought my pain would be gone by the Spring. That didn’t happen, but I have still found the allotment to be something I can do … Continue reading

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Accepting Pain

My journey with chronic pain continues and I’ve learnt a lot along the way. Chronic pain doesn’t have a physical cause as such although it may begin that way. This video explains a bit about why. Like most patients with … Continue reading

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School of Pain

I find mine hard, and can’t restrain My tears while studying thus with Pain. Susan Coolidge (What Katy Did) I’m at the stage with my back when it’s all about the pain management. When you get to this point they … Continue reading

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Content notes: contains discussion of mental health issues and ways I have attempted to tackle mine. Like many outwardly cheery people, I’ve suffered from bouts of depression. In recent years, these have become less prolonged and for a while now … Continue reading

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